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Cilwo provides conversational AI applications to engage customers with customised bulk SMS servicers, voice, chatbots, WhatsApp API, marketing, apps, and digital services, such as marketing, apps, etc.

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Bulk SMS

Best Bulk SMS Services

Our programmable SMS APIs provide efficient communication channel for your business needs. With this platform, you can easily promote your offers.


Best Voice Services

Do you know how video communication can increase the participation of your customers? The promotional concept has changed in the last few years.


Best WhatsApp Services

Do you know how recently WhatsApp has become an essential marketing tool? The instant messaging application has great users throughout the world. 


best chatbot services

Do you know how conversational bots work to delight customers? Nowadays, any reputed organization can communicate with its customers in real time with AI-based conversation.


email marketing services

Similarly, Email marketing is a powerful tool that many businesses can use to communicate with their customers and promote their products or services by sending targeted emails to a list of subscribers.


digital advertising services

However, Digital advertising means promotions and marketing via online channels. Moreover, it refers to the online marketing protocols via social media platforms, websites, video content, etc. 

messages Sending transmitting


Methods you can send messages with Cilwo

Sending messages is the act of transmitting information or communication from one person or device to another person or device through a variety of means. The message can be in the form of text, voice, image, or video. Furthermore, Sending messages has become an integral part of our daily lives, as it enables us to communicate quickly and efficiently with others regardless of their location.

SMS gateway platform

Robust, updated, user friendly and detailed bulk SMS services

Send simple yet powerful SMS campaigns

Simply customize your Bulk SMS with sender ids or names, draft in more than 25+ languages, select future dates, allow opt-in and opt-out information etc.

Few minutes SMS API integration

Get messages from any channels such as website, systems or applications. Besides, get hands on detailed API with trail codes in multiple languages.

Communicate more via attachment

Just insert images, PDF, videos & many more things along with short links in your campaigns and enjoy more business through customers responses.

Get messages via the internet

Your customers can reach you quickly by messaging in short code & long code via keyword. However, activate automated responses or choose our other service.

Avail of real-time delivery & report

Check our bulk SMS campaign information, detailed with real time delivery reports and info graphics clicks for hyperlinks.

Solution for enterprises

Grow exponentially through Cilwo bulk SMS gateway platform and numerous features such as managing accounts, users advantages, advanced services and more.

Boosting Sales and Enhancing Customer Engagement

A2P features Boost sales, engage customers, reach target audience effectively. Transactional and promotional messaging, two-way communication, personalized experiences increase customer retention and drive more sales for business success.

Cloud telephony Elevating Marketing Success

Messaging empowers marketers with targeted messaging, automated campaigns, real-time analytics, and enhanced customer engagement. These features drive effective audience reach, increase customer acquisition and retention, and fuel revenue growth.

Cpass Features Elevating Customer Support

SMS features empower customer support with automated responses, real-time communication, personalized messaging, and faster issue resolution. Enhancing customer experiences, increasing satisfaction, and fostering long-term loyalty.

Communication Enhancing Customer Engagement

Text service features drive customer engagement through personalized messages, two-way communication, real-time updates, and targeted promotions. Strengthening relationships, boosting loyalty, and enhancing satisfaction.