Frequently Asked Questions

What is SMS?

Short Message Service (SMS) is used for sending messages from one source to another, majorly it is sent from one mobile to another phone. The characters size of SMS is limited to 160 characters which can be extended as per requirement.

What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS refers to the sending of large numbers of messages to the mobile phone numbers. It’s an application to person service.

What is Concatenated SMS?

SMS size is restricted to 160 characters, while typing more than the limit alert will be displayed on the panel about the size of character limitation. It will be counted for 2 SMS credits as per the message content length and further charges will be accordingly. Special characters will be accountable for 2 characters count.

Wenus to Cilwo?

Anyone can use our bulk SMS service it could be a businessman, individual or any local group.

How much time does it takes to activate SMS account?

SMS account can be activated in few minutes.

Do I require a phone to send messages?

Yes, you can surely purchase SMS credits online on our website kindly click on this URL—

Are there any additional charges if I want to approve more than 1 sender ID in my account?

We do not charge additional for multiple sender IDs, we just need a softcopy with stamp and authorized signatory on your company’s letterhead lucidly mentioning required sender ID.

What should I do when I receive a mail from Wenus stating that my Transactional account is activated?

When you receive a conformation mail, first create your message templates. Add your templates in our portal we will check the content and once its informational based text we will approve it. Always remember transactional route is template format, and you will be able to send only approved message templates. Check out how to create templates step by step details.

How much time does it take to approve the templates?

Message templates are approved in 2 or 3 hours from Monday to Saturday (9.30 AM – 6.30 PM). Incase if you need your templates to be approved on urgent basis kindly call or mail us.

What is Unicode SMS?

Standard text message consists of 160 characters for 1 SMS credit. The standard length of Unicode SMS is 70 characters, with Wenus you can send Unicode messages in 20 different languages such as Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and more. An example of Unicode in Hindi is: Bheje sandesh aap apni bhasha mei

Why my texts are displayed as 2 credits?

It will be charged in below scenarios: • If your message contents are more than 160 characters. • If your Unicode message contents are more than 70 characters. • Make sure there are no extra merged data that increases the characters.

How to check if the messages are delivered?

We provide real time delivery report of each and every SMS sent from our gateway. You can simply check the status of messages under Report tab.

Does Wenus provide database?

We are tied up with couple of database vendors through which we can provide database. But we do not take any ownership of its genuinty.

How safe and secure my database is?

Your database is safe, we do not share any of your data you upload. Your database only will be used for your own campaigns. For more details check our SLA. We provide a secure 128-bit encrypted platform which is equal to banking systems.

Can I send SMS outside India?

Yes, you can surely send messages outside India, however you need to activate international SMS service.

What businesses/companies can be benefitted from SMS marketing?

SMS is a global service, it can be used for sales or marketing or for sending notifications. SMS service can integrate into any web based platform and any sector. Kindly refer our industries for more details.

What is SMS API?

SMS API (Application Program Interface) allows sending of messages automatically, it’s a platform which communicates between SMS gateway and your software or application. Our API is a free service that can be integrated in your system to view real time reports and track message updates.

How much time it takes for an API to activate in your system?

It takes just few minutes to integrate into your application. Check our developer’s page for documentation information.

What is the cost of SMS API?

SMS API is Free to all our users. Our customers only pay for SMS credits.

How do I become a client?

Check our website, and simply find out the enquiry or become a customer section. Also, you can directly call or email us on our official email id.

How Much Does SMS Service Cost?

Click our Bulk SMS Pricing and check out the rate. You can also call our sales representative to know the rate.

Does your Company have experience in Digital Marketing?

Yes, as a digital product provider, we have many years of experience. Besides this, our resources have many years of experience that offer you robust and technology enable digital marketing.

Is Blog Important for Brand Promotion?

Yes, blogs are becoming crucial in sharing your thoughts and promoting your brand. Besides this, you need to educate your clients on your product and service. For this reason, you need blogs.As per a recent statistic, 64 percent of marketers say blogging is the best way to interact with your customers. You can also contact our content section and get the relevant data.

Is Search Engine Ranking Still Determined?

Search Engine Ranking is one of the essential factors for digital marketing and concept. It will determine the relevant authority in Google Search.

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

Yes, definitely. Email marketing still has significant excess as a marketing and promotion tool in the recent marketing trends.

How Do I Know Your Digital Marketing Products?

You can visit our website and check the product section. You will get all the details on each product part. Besides this, you can contact us directly to learn more about digital products.

Should I Update the Website?

Yes, you need to update the website regularly for your brand promotion. It is also true there is no specific time to update the website. But you should update your website with new information and data and educate your customers.

How do I Know the Price of Your Business Plan?

Please contact our marketing and sales team.